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Student Work

Theses are different student's art work. I would give them a project with somethings I was looking for, they took the guidelines and created their own works of art.

Line and shape books

Students found lines and shape in kids picture books and used contrast to create designs. I did this project a few different ways, first with 5th grades and making just one design. Then with 6th grades we created a book with their designs and made into an accordion book. 

6th Grade Books
IMG_2972 (1)_edited.jpg
5th Grade Designs 
Teacher Example 

One Person's Trash, 
Another's Art 

This project was with 8th grade students. They were to find used object and create a sculpture. 

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Light the way 

Young 5s and Kindergartens made a watercolor lantern decorated with different kinds of lines.

Students' Artwork 
Teacher Example  

Vanishing Point 

2nd and 3rd grader making what looks like a portal. They learned as things got closer to the point, things got smaller. But when things are away from the point, things are bigger.   

Students' Artwork

Art Show

The distract I worked in also put on an art show where they had all 3 elementaries and their middle school artwork up for all to see. 

Bring Science to Art

Science night at school is a fun amazing thing to do. They needed decorations, and what's better then kids art work!! Y5-1st grade made rocket ships with watercolor smoke. 2nd and 3rd grade made their universes with texted colored paper. 4th and 5th graders made watercolor sky with an tin flow moon. 

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