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Effective urban educators are Reflective Practitioners who can accurately assess themselves and develop plans for improvement. As a reflective practitioner, I am committed to creating an environment and practice that is constantly subject to improvement. I am vigilant in being receptive and open to constructive criticism. Not only should we be receptive to our peers, but to our classrooms as well. There are consistent ways created to improve our environment and we should be open to implementing them for the sake of our students and for ourselves.

Connecting with students 

I was able to teach elementary, middle, and high school, and it has been a great experience. I learned how different containions with students are very different. In elementary schools students are more open and excited to get to know their teacher. Middle school, they start to put up somewhat of a wall, they still want to know you though. High School they have walls up and you have to watch how you say things. The line between you and a student is very thin in secondary, rather than elementary. I have found with a thinner line, it has become hard to contain with the student. Overcoming that thin line helped me in teaching and containing them.

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